Help us tear down Europe's rainbow curtain

Power our minds and hands to deliver change for LGBT+ people in the Czech Republic and be a part of a historical moment. Gay and lesbian couples can be only registred. And that is far from marriage.

Registered partnership makes us second class citizens. Our families and children deserve legal protection and dignity. There are over 100 differences between marriage and registered partnership.

It’s only fair

Your support can place us in a equal marriage world where we belong. We want our policy formers and makers to act fairly towards LGBT+ people, and recognize our love, commitment and contributions. Politicians have not found the time over the last 13 years to amend and settle legislation on registered partnership. Therefore, we are campaigning across the country to increase public support for the marriage equality of LGBT+ people.

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Can the Czech Republic Tear Down Europe’s Rainbow Curtain?

After one year, the Czech Republic’s Equal Marriage Bill still waiting for government approval

Together we can

The equal marriage bill was introduced at the Czech Parliament in June 2018. Since that moment our legislators didn't vote once. For our campaign to succeed, we need to be taken seriously and fairly. We need to be visible in cities, towns and villages; in urban and rural areas; in work environments, and in public services.

March for marriage for all at Prague Pride 2019 with Lady Justice leading the crowd.

Who are we

We have brought together a coalition of non-profit organizations and people who believe it’s only fair and equal that they have the choice to marry. Together, we are challenging the status quo. We cannot do it alone. Members of the Coalition are: Amnesty International Czech Republic, Logos Czech Republic, Mezipatra, PROUD, Prague Pride and Queer Geography.

Marriage news

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